BUBBLE GUMMERS "Ahogado" ("Drowned")(mp3 file)

This song is about being drowned in beer at dawn thinking about that special girl, " sitting in a corner and my beer aint cold, but cold is my heart"

BUBBLE GUMMERS "Tan Lejos de Mi" ("So Far Away From Me")(real audio)

This song is about watching the girl you like everyday and thinking about her all day long, having her so close to you but at the same time so far away. "...and even though i see you everyday hanging out with your friends im so sad here cause you are so far away from me"

So youre wondering whos that cute girl? Well thats Alea Blumming,punk rock girl.Pittsburgh,PA,USA.

BUBBLE GUMMERS "Golpe de Suerte" ("Lucky Strike"(mp3))

Track from the "Ya Paren a ese Chavalon" demotape. "...Ive never believed in destiny, but this was such a Lucky Strike"

NOTE:Original lyrics are in Spanish.